Monday, 10 December 2012

The Pie Fairy of Old Norwich Town

It must nearly be Christmas, because I've just been able to buy my copy of this year's Radio Times double issue, in the Co-op on Unthank Road. Therefore, this seems a good time to bring you a little festive oddity of a few years back. A ghost of Christmas writing past.

These days my good friend and colleague Thordis Fridriksson is one of the finest and most esteemed producer / presenters in the BBC Radio Norfolk ranks. However, back in 2008 she was still only a casual broadcast assistant at the station, keenly working her way in and making her mark. She spent a lot of the rest of her time working as a volunteer with Future Radio, Norwich's community station, and it was in this capacity that she enlisted me to pen a short children's Christmas tale for their Sunday Stories slot.

So I duly bashed out The Pie Fairy of Old Norwich Town, a rather silly little monologue for Thordis herself to perform. It remains the only thing I have ever done for a non-BBC radio station (unless you count a couple of meet-and-greets for RTE!), and I haven't dared listen back to it all the way through to remind myself quite how daft it is. Nevertheless, Thordis delivers it with gusto (as she always does with everything), and I suppose it's all good harmless fun.

Anyway, you can click below to judge for yourselves!

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