Thursday, 9 July 2015

Into the charts!

In the charts - briefly! 8th July 2015

On Sunday, Val - the lady I wrote about the other day, who kindly sent me an e-mail about how much she'd enjoyed The Ruined Heart - posted about the ebook on the Facebook page for Treasure Quest, a programme I produce on BBC Radio Norfolk. This led to 11 sales on Sunday, and pushed me right up towards my target of 20 in total. A few days on, and I have now passed it - 21 sales at last count, which means that Alice Flack will ride again.

I noticed when checking the Amazon page last night that this little spike in sales also meant I was propelled to the dizzy heights of number 93 in the "historical thrillers" chart in the Kindle Store! Given that this was on the basis of just those 21 copies being sold it doesn't really say much for the ebook sales at the bottom end of this chart, but hey... It's something!

I've also had a very nice review left on the Amazon page. I must admit that it was from a friend of mine, Lauren (who blogs extensively here), but hey - she didn't have to say anything at all! So I'm very grateful to her, and flattered that she liked it. She wrote:

Alice Flack is a bit of a mystery, arriving in a sleepy village and discovering a secret hidden for years. In fact she still is a mystery after reading the book and I'm hoping there will be more stories soon so we find out a little more about her! Definitely worth a read, the perfect length for me as a busy mum too!

Well, Lauren will be happy as there are indeed to be further Alice Flack stories - or at least one. Simply because the story idea had been in my mind for months and I wanted to finally sit down and tackle it, I began writing the second Alice story, Voices in the Dark, at the beginning of this month. My reasoning was that if it was around the 25 to 30,000 word mark, as planned, then if I did 500 words a day throughout July and August I'd then have it finished, ready for the time I'd have hopefully met my sales target.

That target has been met, and I've actually been averaging a bit more than 500 words, and am enjoying putting it together.

 "A writer is someone who counts words," John Braine said. My daily and cumulative totals so far for July on the new Alice Flack story!

In the meantime, if you haven't yet, please do feel free to add your 99p to the pot and buy The Ruined Heart from Amazon here:

And thank you to everyone else who has bought it so far!

Alice Flack will return...

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