Saturday, 23 April 2016

Special effects

Last time I wrote an entry here, I mentioned that I was possibly working on something else for Doctor Who Magazine.

Well, that "something else" ended up being three things - three pieces for their latest special edition, this one concentrating on special effects, which came out last week. Special effects isn't an area I would consider myself to be a particular expert on, but editor Marcus Hearn very kindly liked two of the ideas I pitched to him, and also suggested another idea for me to go and work on, all of which I think ended up being quite successful.

So now, on the shelf of your nearest WH Smith's or other good newsagent, you can find the special effects edition with pieces by me on the effects company Trading Post, on the alternative effects made as optional extras for the DVD range, and an interview with Eric Alba, the effects supervisor on the 1996 TV Movie.

Plus, of course, there's a lot of other wonderful stuff in the magazine, all beautifully laid out and designed.

Stemming from this, it seems as if I will also be contributing a couple of items to their next "bookzaine" special, too, this one concentrating on the historical stories. I've been extremely fortunate - actual, paid writing work, about a subject I love and enjoy writing about!

I still haven't finished off the new Alice Flack story, however. I've been very busy with radio work, but really do need to knuckle down and get it done soon, especially given that David Lavelle has already completed the cover art!

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