Sunday, 21 August 2016

Back to Flack

About a year or so since I started working on it, and much later than it ought to have been, a second Alice Flack story, Voices in the Dark, is now finally online on Amazon’s Kindle Store!

It’s only 35,000 words, and I started writing it last summer not very long after I put the first one up for people to buy, and it reached my self-imposed target of twenty sales before making another one available. But despite having completed a good chunk of it last year, I found myself getting distracted by various things towards the end of last year. I wrote a non-fiction Doctor Who book which probably won’t ever see the light of day; I had last year’s Treasure Quest Live! to put together; I made a radio documentary about writing, and then into this year I suddenly found myself getting paid actual money to write pieces for various Doctor Who Magazine special editions, and doing more documentary work.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I actually finally sat down and got to the end of Voices in the Dark, the second adventure for my late-1940s-set investigator Alice Flack. I showed it to a few friends to help pick up general feedback and typos, and finally got it up online yesterday.

Once again, it has a lovely artwork cover by David Lavelle – the cover’s been ready for months, so poor David has had to wait for the world to see the fruits of his labours!

It also again managed to make it into the charts, climbing into the lower reaches of the Kindle Store’s Top 100 for “historical thrillers”. Admittedly this was only on the basis of a tiny handful of sales, but hey, I’m not complaining! Its release has also seen a tiny little spike in sales (i.e. three!) for the first one, The Ruined Heart, which is a good sign if I continue to put more out.

Will there be more Alice? I’d like there to be, I have ideas for several more, and have even started writing the next one. But as for whether it reaches the light of day… well, let’s see if Voices in the Dark can pass the 30-odd sales mark the first one has so far made! I promise if it does appear, however, it won’t take another year this time!

If you do want to buy the new one – and my ego would be wonderfully massaged if you did! – it’s available from Amazon by clicking here. Thank you!

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