Saturday, 26 January 2013

Missed a day

My promise to myself to try and do some writing, even just a little bit, every day in 2013 has already come unstuck. I was crossing off today's date on the calendar this morning when I realised I'd forgotten to write anything yesterday. So that lasted all of twenty-four days.


Still, I blame The Reign of Terror coming out on DVD. I went to have a look for it yesterday afternoon, as there's a shop very near where I work which usually has the Doctor Who releases out as soon as they get them in stock, usually three or four days before the official release date. They did indeed have them on display, but it turned out their card machine was knackered, so I had to head off to the nearest cashpoint. This was after having thought to myself "I won't need a coat, it's literally just outside the door..."

This on a day when temperatures as low as minus ten had been recorded in some parts of Norfolk. Brrrr!

Anyway, I'll try and get back on track with Another Life, although as you can see from the above photo I'd literally only been doing tiny little fragments. I haven't sat down and done a sustained piece of work for a while now. Rachel's section is nearly done, although towards the end I have fragments of it rather than a whole linked section - I need to sit and go back through it, the news bits and the stuff I did on it last year, before I can have the first draft of her part settled, and then move onto work concertedly on Linda's section.

Elsewhere... I await a verdict on Wicket from the latest publisher to whom I have sent it. I was discussing this with someone at work the other day, explaining how I was very lucky to have been given the opportunity to submit to it to this particular publisher, as they don't usually look at any unsolicited material. This person asked how they would usually get new writing then, and I explained it would have come from contacts such as agents.

"Why don't you get an agent, then?" this person suggested, as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

I did explain that I have been trying to do that for quite some time, and it isn't really as simple as collecting ten crisp packets and sending off for one. And this was an intelligent person who has a responsible and and important position at work. Clearly, the process of becoming a writer looks a lot easier from the outside!

I've also this week submitted a short story to a new writing website called The Puffin Review, which is just in the process of being set up. No word back from them on that yet, but we'll see how we go.

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