Saturday, 12 January 2013

Talking about writing

Copies of my first - and so far only! - published book, on sale in Norwich in October 2011.

I've written before on this blog about the publication of Treasure Quest: The Book back in the autumn of 2011. It's non-fiction, but still my only professionally-published book to date, and I remain rather proud of it. For what it was - a tie-in book to a local radio programme, to raise money for the BBC Children in Need Appeal - I think it was very well done, and we managed to sell all of the two thousand we had printed, so we must have been doing something right.

Soon after the book came out, my BBC Radio Norfolk colleagues David Clayton and Becky Betts asked me to come on-air as a guest on their show to talk about it. David and Becky are the presenters of Treasure Quest, which I produce on Sunday mornings, but in 2010 and 2011 they also had their own separate Friday morning show, full of fun and whimsy. They gave me a rather generous interview slot, and we branched out from talking about the Treasure Quest book in particular to writing in general.

There aren't many unpublished novelists who have been afforded the opportunity to talk about their work for fifteen minutes on the airwaves of the BBC, and we covered a lot of ground about what I write and why I do it. They seemed oddly fascinated by it all. I don't know of how much interest it was to the general listener, but I thought I'd put it up here on the blog for anybody who fancied a listen.

So here we are, a sixteen-minute chat about writing from the David and Becky show on BBC Radio Norfolk, originally broadcast on Friday the 14th of October 2011.

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